Welcome to Airtrain

Welcome! Airtrain is a no-code compute platform for language models. It is aimed at AI developers and product builders.

Airtrain focuses on three main compute workloads:

  • Dataset exploration and curation. Airtrain lets you explore and visualize your datasets to find patterns and niches, then curate rows to increase data quality.
  • Offline batch evaluation of language models. This lets you compare different LLMs on your own datasets, experiment with different configurations and prompts, and define your own domain-specific metrics.
  • Fine-tuning LLMs This lets you specialize pre-trained models to your own tasks and domains.

The key to building a good AI product resides in the underlying data. Whether you are trying to train a model, fine-tune an LLM, or curate an evaluation set for your AI app, you need tools to become intimately familiar with your data.

Airtrain AI aims to make it easy for you to explore, visualize, curate, segment, and drill into your datasets. Then you can use your dataset to fine-tune and LLM, or export it to plug it back into the rest of your stack.

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