Get started with Airtrain

Here's a quick guide to get started with Airtrain.

Airtrain is designed to let you easily evaluate, score, and compare Large Language Models on your dataset and for your own task. It will also soon let you fine-tune and serve models.

Sign up

To get started, go to and choose your preferred sign up method.


Not a beta user?

Airtrain is still in private beta. If you can't log in, sign up for our waitlist here and talk to us on Slack to get early access.

Start a new job

In the header bar, click New Job and select the type of workload you want to start:

  • Batch evaluation job – compare LLMs on your entire dataset at once, and score them on your own custom metrics.
  • Fine-tuning job (coming soon) – adapt pre-trained language models to your particular task and dataset
  • Deploy job (coming soon) – deploy your fine-tuned model to integrate it with your app

Configure an evaluation job

Get support

You can reach out to the Airtrain team by email at [email protected].

You can also join our Slack channel to ask your questions and interact with the team and other users.

What’s Next

Join our Slack channel to get support from the Airtrain team.