LLM Playground

The Airtrain LLM Playground lets you vibe-check a wide selection of open-source and proprietary models at once. With a single prompt, you can query all your selected models simultaneously and compare the outputs.

Get started

In the Task Menu, select "Play with Models".

You will land on an empty Playground session.

Select models

Use the "Add model" dropdown to add as many models as you want. You can add the same model multiple times and select different variants.

See the MODELS section of the documentation for the list of supported models.

Configuring the models

For each model, you can select the variant and set the temperature.

Models that we host ourselves are free to use. Proprietary models such as Gemini and the OpenAI models require you to provide you own API key.

Prompt you selected models

Once you've selected and configured your models, simply enter your prompt in the prompt field and hit the Prompt button.